The Radway Pony Club 1st ever competition away

The Radway Pony Club 1st ever competition away

On Wednesday 25th May we took a group of Radway Equestrian Pony Club members to their 1st ever competition away from home. They were all amazing as it was a Combined Training competition on grass, so they had dressage tests to learn and show jumping too, all on grass which is also another step out of their comfort zones as all the training at the riding school is on surfaced arenas.

I think we are going to adopt the following motto of "Dare to struggle today, Dare to win tomorrow". Although I am extremely proud of all their efforts and the results were fantastic too.

Class 1 Pony Club Dressage Test and 2'3 s/j
1st Zoey Boffin Freckles
2nd Izabella Barr Bluebell

3rd Molly Fletcher Guinness
4th Cassie Senn Bosco ( livery at radway not a pony club centre member)

Class 2 Prelim 10 and 2'6 s/j
3rd Sarah Boffin Leo
4th Lauren Fresson Jojo

On Saturday 18th June the following 3 rider passed their Pony Club Bronze award 3

 Congratulations to:

Micheala Boneham

Ebony Cabral

Alice Saxon

3 of our newest Pony Club Members 


On Saturday18th June the following Radway Equestrian Pony Club members all passed their Pony Club D Test

Congratulations to:
Izabella Barr
Molly Fletcher
Ellie Roling
Kelly Greener
Imogen Hanly
Scott Heritage
Emma Heritage
Isabella Hughes
Amy-Marie White
Amanda Astley
Jessica Astley
Beatrice Saxon
Jules Underwood
Abigail Francis
Georgie Goode
Marleigh Watkin




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